tim walleyeAt the Northwest Angle  in the Minnesota waters, the walleye and sauger are hitting in 20 feet of water.  Both active jigging and bobbers are producing with glow in the dark presentations working well.  Fish are hitting through the day as well as morning and evening bites.  Although down from the pace set earlier this winter, numbers of slot walleye, nice-sized sauger, and eater walleye are coming in.  Northern pike are showing up and are generally between 30 and 40 inches.  In Ontario, lake trout have been slower but crappies have been active.

Weather has been cold but fishing has remained steady!  Thursday action was excellent before Friday’s front, Friday being slower and action improving again over the weekend.   Morning action until late morning, a midday lull, and then back to afternoon and evening biters has been the program.  Warmer weather trending towards this coming weekend should stabilize day to day fishing Larry walleyealong with the weather.

Fish are biting very well with an especially strong evening bite.  All sizes of fish are coming in, from eaters to slot fish.  A mix of mostly walleye with sauger thrown in to the mix are being caught.  A few big northern pike are being caught as well.  Glow in the dark is working well, and active jigging fisherman are rewarded with aggressive walleye.  A front Saturday slowed action, but the fish have rebounded well.mary walleye