July 10- The action continues to be hot at the Angle! Walleyes are hitting on both sides of the border on the rock reefs of the Little Traverse Bay area. Average size has been excellent, with lots of fish over 20”. Jigs or spinner rigs tipped with a minnow or crawler have been the best presentation. The mayfly hatch is ongoing, but hasn’t affected the bite much. Anglers are still catching some big pike while walleye fishing, and muskie fishermen are reporting good action. Bass fishing has continued to be productive along the boulder shorelines. Try using a surface bait if the bass are breaking the surface for mayflies. Lake trout have moved deeper lately, showing up in 100 feet of water or more.

July 4- Fishing in the Northwest Angle area has been awesome! In Canadian waters, the reefs have been kicking out walleye in most areas with a lot of 20 inch plus fish being caught. Depths from 10 to 30 feet have been the most productive. The mayfly hatch is definitely on, but it hasn’t seemed to slow the bite down. Big pike are still showing up in with the walleyes, and musky anglers are still reporting good action. The weedgrowth has really come along in the last week, which has really helped the musky and pike angling in some areas. Smallmouth bass continue to be active on the bouldery shoreline areas.
The Minnesota side has been active as well, with lots of fish being caught. Most area are holding fish, but look to the Little Oak area, Starren Shoals, and the reefs south of Oak I. for the best action.

June 26- Fishing remains good for all species. In Canadian waters, walleye anglers continue to find walleye on reefs and points using jig and minnow combos. Productive depths have ranged from less than 10 feet to 30 feet. The mayfly hatch has begun in earnest, and anglers will do best by avoiding the areas with recent hatches. Musky anglers are seeing and catching nice fish in sand bays and bouldery shorelines and points. Smallmouth bass are still going strong on the shorelines, and the largest pike have been showing up on reefs and point areas; lots of walleye anglers are catching them. Lake trout anglers have been finding fish in 70 feet of water.
In Minnesota waters, the Flag I. flats, Starren Shoal, and Little Oak areas have been productive. Anglers have had the best luck trolling with spinners and crankbaits.

Fishing has been good for all species, with walleyes and jumbo perch showing up on shallow reefs in numbers in the Canadian islands. Musky fishermen have been doing well in sand bays and boulder areas. Check out Kevin Powell’s 47  inch beauty caught this week! Weeds are still hard to find yet, but any isolated stands will hold fish. The best bet for big northern pike has been on offshore structure and points. With the lack of weeds, there are fewer fish holding in their usual bay areas. The smallmouth fishing has been exceptional along the boulder shorelines as well. The mayfly hatch hasn’t hit yet, but most fish caught seem to be full of the larva.
In Minnesota waters, anglers have been working the Flag I. flats area, as well as Brush I. and Little Oak I. areas, and limits have been the norm.

June 12- The water temp on the lake has jumped nearly 10 degrees over the last week, and the water level has risen nearly a foot as well. Weed growth remains behind schedule., but most weedbed areas have a low carpet of growth that is easy to fish over. In Canadian waters, we have been turning up pike, muskies, and large walleye while casting spoons, swimbaits, and spinnerbaits over the weeds. Points, windy shorelines and structure close to shore have been turning out good numbers of eater walleye with some big females mixed in. The smallmouth bass have begun to arrive on the boulder shorelines and points and there has been some big pike being caught there as well. Lake trout fishing has been good in 70 feet of water.
In Minnesota waters, Little Oak I, Oak I, Brush I, and the Fourblock areas have been productive lately. Expect the mayfly hatch to be on soon, the walleyes are already eating mayfly larva.

June 5- The weather has remained cool and windy with water temps hovering around 54 degrees, but the fishing has held steady. In Canadian waters, the walleye have been showing up in a lot of spots, but points and current areas have been the most consistent. Productive depths have varied from 10 to 30 feet, and the usual jig and minnow combos are working well. We are continuing to catch smallmouth bass deep off the points; they will likely remain there until the water temps get above 55. Casting in the back bays has been productive for pike, and we have been sighting some nice muskies as they prepare for their spawn.
In U.S. waters, jigging and trolling around Oak I. and Brush I. has been productive.

May 30- The fishing has been surprisingly good in most sections of the lake, considering that the ice has only been off for about two weeks time. In Canadian waters, walleyes seem to be popping up everywhere, from shallow shorelines to deep rock points and humps. Some nice post-spawn females are being caught along with the eater fish. Smallmouth bass have been holding deep off the shorelines, but will move shallow to begin spawning any day now. Expect to find plenty of pike in the shallow back bays. Lake trout anglers have been doing well lately as well.
In Minnesota waters, walleye fishermen have been doing well around Oak I. and Brush I. trolling spinners and crankbaits. Overall, it’s shaping up to be a good fishing season!

The Northwest Angle area is mostly clear of ice and rest of the lake ice is melting quickly. Opening weekend in the Rainy River produced some nice slot-size walleye for those who made it out there. By this weekend, it’s likely the whole lake will be free of ice. The satellite picture of the lake is from last weekend.

Stump Lake, ND- With the latest snowfall added to the snow depth and slush patches popping up, truck travel off of the main trails has become difficult. The bite has been decent, with perch and walleye being caught around the trees and sunken timber in the 30 to 40 foot range. A glow Buckshot Rattle Spoon tipped with a minnow head was a solid presentation. Special thanks goes out to Mark Bry and Jeremy Worden from Bry’s Guide Service and Steve from Dakota Outdoors for providing SnoBear transportation and fishing help for the South Middle School Outdoors Club kids last Saturday. The event went well, and some kids said they had the time of their lives!