In Ontario, the walleye bite continues to be strong on the reefs in the Little Traverse area. Both spinner and jigging presentations are working well, and lots of fish over 25” are being caught. Expect this bite to last for a few more weeks.

Muskie anglers have been seeing lots of fish, many over 50”, but the recent hot weather has made them more likely to follow than bite. Fishing evenings and days with cooler temps will help with that problem. Lately active areas for muskie have been Bishops Bay, Falcon Island, and the Little Traverse area. Few anglers are pursuing bass and northern pike at this time, but casting to rocky points and shorelines with lures able to fish below the 80 degree surface layer will produce fish.

Anglers fishing Minnesota waters have had good luck around Lunatic I., Crowduck I., and the reefs south of Oak I. Little Oak I. has been productive as well. Jigs, crankbaits, and spinners are all productive presentations.

In Ontario waters, the main walleye bite continues to be on the reefs both in the islands and Little Traverse areas. Jigs tipped with nightcrawlers, minnows, and plastics are putting nice keeper fish in the boat, as well as fish in the 5# – 10# class. The bigger fish will become even more commonplace as the month wears on.

Muskie anglers continue to report good fishing, with lots of fish sighted and good fish landed daily. Topwaters and the Double Cowgirl-type bucktails seem to be the most productive baits recently. Casting for bass and pike has remained productive, and there have been a recent rash of pike on the 20# class landed by walleye anglers on the reefs.

On the Minnesota side, the bars on the E side of Little Oak, and the reefs around the Four Blocks and McDonell I area are producing fish for anglers using jigs or spinner rigs. Crankbait trollers will find fish in the boulder flats W of Crowduck I.

The walleye bite continues to be productive on the main basin reefs in most areas of Ontario waters. Both jigging and trolling spinners on the reefs are producing good catches of walleye, and fish in the 28″to 31″ range are being caught daily. The mayfly hatch has lingered on this week, but the heat may finally bring it to an end, and kick off the July trophy walleye bite.

The muskies have really started to move with the recent hot weather, and many have moved onto rock structure. Many fish over 50″ have been seen, and a 58.5″ was caught recently. Northern and bass anglers have been doing well casting to rocky points and shorelines, and the clear water this year has aided in locating underwater rocks and weeds to cast to.

In Minnesota waters, jigging leeches and drifting with spinners has resulted in fast action on the E side of Little Oak, and flatline trolling crankbaits on rocky flats near Little Massacre and Crowduck I has produced good catches as well.