tim walleyeAt the Northwest Angle  in the Minnesota waters, the walleye and sauger are hitting in 20 feet of water.  Both active jigging and bobbers are producing with glow in the dark presentations working well.  Fish are hitting through the day as well as morning and evening bites.  Although down from the pace set earlier this winter, numbers of slot walleye, nice-sized sauger, and eater walleye are coming in.  Northern pike are showing up and are generally between 30 and 40 inches.  In Ontario, lake trout have been slower but crappies have been active.

Weather has been cold but fishing has remained steady!  Thursday action was excellent before Friday’s front, Friday being slower and action improving again over the weekend.   Morning action until late morning, a midday lull, and then back to afternoon and evening biters has been the program.  Warmer weather trending towards this coming weekend should stabilize day to day fishing Larry walleyealong with the weather.

Fish are biting very well with an especially strong evening bite.  All sizes of fish are coming in, from eaters to slot fish.  A mix of mostly walleye with sauger thrown in to the mix are being caught.  A few big northern pike are being caught as well.  Glow in the dark is working well, and active jigging fisherman are rewarded with aggressive walleye.  A front Saturday slowed action, but the fish have rebounded well.mary walleye

In Canadian waters, the walleyes are moving into fall patterns; dropoffs outside shallow bays, deep points, and current flow areas have all been productive. Plan to go through a lot of bait. There has been some nice catches of jumbo perch this week on mud areas, and the crappies have become more active with the colder weather.
Big pike and muskie have been showing up near the schools of walleye, and hitting on jigs and chasing fish being brought in. Breaking out the trolling gear and making passes near schools of walleye, crappie and perch is a good alternative to casting right now.

In Canadian waters, the recent hot weather had the walleyes using reefs in most sections of the lake; following this weekend’s cool down, the fish moved off structure in most areas. Fishing point areas or running out to reefs in the deeper water around Skeet I have been the most productive patterns in the last few days. In Minnesota waters, the Little Oak I. and Crowduck I. areas have been producing walleye.

Muskie fishermen are still seeing good numbers of follows and landing big fish. Following the cooling weather, some of the biggest smallies in the lake have been showing up on rock points in 15 to 25 feet of water. Crappie fishing has slowed down with the hotter weather, but should be improving soon, but the jumbo perch have been biting well in the last week.

On the walleye scene in Canada, look for numbers of fish in the Skeet Island area; make sure to play fish you plan to release slowly when they are coming out of the deeper water up there. In Minnesota waters, look around the Little Oak and Garden Island areas to find your walleye.
Muskie anglers are reporting some good action and big fish lately. Shallow running cranks and bucktails have been working, and turning some big pike as well. Smallmouth bass anglers have been catching some impressive sized bass while throwing spinnerbaits around reed beds and what’s left of the summer cabbage. Perch and crappie are still being caught in good numbers by anglers willing to work for them.

The bite goes on at the Angle! The Little Traverse area continues to be a good spot for finding the bigger walleye, while reefs to the north are have been good for numbers of smaller fish. In Minnesota waters, the Starren Shoals, Knight I. and Bridges I. areas have been productive.
There have been some nice muskies seen and caught lately, and large pike are still being caught on structure that holds walleye. Anglers are still finding perch and crappies, but expect the fishing for them to improve once the water begins to cool again.

The hawgs of summer are back! In Canadian waters, last week’s warming trend has put the trophy walleyes back on the reefs in the Little Traverse. The area around Massacre I has been a good place to start looking for the big guys. The deep reefs up north have been serving up numbers of fish, but plan to sort through the little guys to get your keepers. In Minnesota waters, look for the structure around Garden, Knight, and Bridges islands to be kicking out some big fish.
Muskie fishing has been active with the warmer weather, with the evening continuing to be one of the better times of the day to fish. The big pike have been showing up offshore in areas where walleyes are being caught. Smallmouth bass have been active on the shorelines, although few anglers are targeting them now. The crappie and perch bite has leveled off with the warming water temps, but the anglers looking for them are still finding fish.

In Canadian waters, the walleyes have moved back onto structure with the warming weather. The crappie and perch bite on the points and dropoff areas has slowed down, but the reefs in most sections of the lake are producing lots of walleye again. Muskie and pike fishing has been steady, with rock areas being the most consistent now that the weeds are starting to die off and break apart, and the evening hours continue to be the most productive for casting. Lake trout have been using water depths from 40 to 100 feet, and both jigging and trolling presentations have been working.
In Minnesota waters, the better areas have been Little Oak, Lunatic, and Oak islands. The action on the reef structure in the Big Traverse area should be picking up with the warming weather as well.

The water is beginning to cool, but the fishing is still hot at the Angle! In Canadian waters, we are getting into fall fishing patterns early this year, with the reef bite for walleye dying off in many areas. Rockpiles in the Little Traverse area are still holding scattered fish, but the reefs in the deeper basins up north are a better bet for numbers and action. In closer to the Angle, points and dropoff areas have been serving up a nice mix of walleye, jumbo perch, and crappies. We are continuing to see some trophy size walleye coming in as well. Muskie fishermen have been seeing and catching nice fish, with the evening hours being the best.
On the Minnesota side, walleye fishing has been productive around Little Oak, Oak, and Lunatic islands.