DanJan12Action continues to be good at the Northwest Angle.  In MN waters, walleyes are being found in good numbers in a variety of depths, 20 feet and under being the best.  Saugers and jumbo perch are holding out on the mud in 20 feet or deeper waters.  For the walleye, morning and evening have been the best times with some of the largest walleye happening during the overnight.  A plain red hook with a lively minnow has been the go-to presentation.  Active jigging with gold or glow and part of a minnow,  while watching the Vexilar has been holding it’s own as well.  Midday has been best for saugers and perch.  In Ontario, the crappie bite is still happening, with anglers bringing in decent numbers with a number of fish over the 14 inch mark.  Snowmobile trails are groomed and have good cover, while the rest of the lake is drifted up to a foot or two with bare patches of ice between.