The fishing continues to be great at the Angle, but the ice and snow conditions have changed a lot over the last week.  For those still hitting the ice, expect a strong walleye evening bite closer to shore around the Oak Island area, and a steady daytime bite deeper on the mud.  In Canadian waters, the crappies have been hitting well, and showing up in lots of areas.  Expect to fill out in an hour or two if you are over a big school of them.  Current areas like Buoy #50 are serving up good action on walleye and sauger, and if fishing near open water is not your cup of tea, then look along the edges of reefs and points during the day, and move shallower at dusk.

There is no snow cover left on the ice, and the ice is starting to rot from underneath and on top.  The bottom of the ice pack is not entirely solid anymore, and the water and slush are coming up the hole before the last 6″of ice is drilled through.  Most areas have honeycomb ice for the first 3″ to 4″ on top, and current areas are showing open water.  All this change happened in the last week, even with daytime temps only reaching the low 40’s couple of times, and hard freezes most nights.  Judging safe travel on the ice beyond this next weekend is going to be dicey.  A lot of areas are unsafe already.  We have made the decision to put our ice gear away for the year, and are looking ahead to sturgeon fishing on the Rainy, and an early ice-out!