Ontario has extended its state of emergency through July 1, so fishing access there will likely not be allowed until then.  We are hoping that Manitoba will make the decision to allow car traffic through to the Angle by June 21, when border closures are re-evaluated nationally.  Currently tourism and sport fishing are not priorities for Canadian border crossings.  Until the end of the month, everything is still up in the air, and there has been no indication on what their officials will decide.  In the meantime, we have shifted operations to the US waters on Lake of the Woods.

Currently we are running Minnesota guide trips, both out of the Angle and the south end of the lake.  Groups can get a ride or fish their way up to the Angle with us, or do day trips leaving from any point along the south shore or the Rainy River.  Shore lunches are still an option.  We still have a big chunk of the lake to cover, and the largest walleyes in the lake to go after.  Year after year, the Minnesota waters of Lake of the Woods offer the best trophy walleye odds, and this year has been stellar so far!

In a way, we are going back to our roots with this Minnesota-only angling.  We spent a lot of time on the US side of the lake when we started our guiding careers, almost exclusively at times.  Many of our long-term clients got their first taste of  Lake of the Woods fishing with us in Minnesota, and we have a lot of experience to draw on.  Working the big lake is a different style of fishing compared to working the Canadian islands, but also allows us to fish different parts of the lake and get on bites that we wouldn’t normally access.  It’s a different challenge, and we are looking forward to it!

We still have available dates for fishing in June, July, and August.  Give us a call and book your adventure!