Whether you are interested in vertical jigging rocky structure for walleye, sauger, crappie and perch, casting our scenic shorelines for muskie, northern pike, or bass, or going after something more out of the ordinary like lake trout or sturgeon,  Edman’s Angling Adventures Northwest Angle fishing guide service will show you the best fishing Lake of the Woods has to offer!

Fishing Lake of the Woods - April - May
April - May

This is a time of transition on Lake of the Woods, from solid ice to the edge of summer fishing patterns, and is a time when many of our fish species spawn.  The Rainy River offers opportunities for pre-spawn walleye and sturgeon, and once the main lake ice opens up, fish like northern pike, bass, and crappie move into the rapidly warming shallows to feed and prepare to spawn.  The walleye season is closed from mid-April through mid-May during their spawn, and they will tend to show up on points, shorelines, and current areas when the season re-opens.

Fishing Lake of the Woods - June

This month is a favorite of our clients who like to cast for bass, pike, and muskie.  Muskie and bass are spawning during this time, and lots of pike still prowl the shallows, post-spawn, seeking the new weed growth.  Crappies spawn this month as well, offering some excellent angling.  The walleye will begin to transition from shorelines to reef structures this month, settling into their summer patterns.  Toward the end of the month, the muskie season opener offers one of the best angling opportunities for this species.  This month has some of the best bass action of the year as well.

Fishing Lake of the Woods - July

July offers walleye and muskie anglers a great chance at the trophy of a lifetime, as these fish species set up on their summer feeding patterns and their largest specimens begin to feed with abandon.  Bass and pike have set up along the main lake shorelines, offering great options for the caster.  Mid-lake rock structures draw trophy size walleye, pike, and muskie, along with numbers of jumbo perch, a shore lunch favorite!  Late July is when we start making trips to the north end of “the Woods” for deep water lake trout fishing.  July is considered to be a peak fishing time for most of our fish species, especially walleye.  We catch more five to ten pound walleyes this month than any other time of year.

Fishing Lake of the Woods - August

The fishing in the first half of August is much like July, with good size and numbers of walleye being caught on the mid-lake reefs.  Casting for muskie, bass and pike is still productive along shorelines and shallow structures.  There is usually an algae bloom on the lake at this time, and we will move daily to cast areas where the wind has cleared the algae away.  Crappies begin to show up in our daily catch again as they begin to move back toward structure after suspending offshore during the midsummer.  As the month wears on, many of the walleye move off the reefs toward points and shorelines in preparation for fall, while in other parts of the lake, the summer patterns are still going strong.  For many anglers, this “transition” can be a tough time to find fish, but our years of experience and team fishing combine to provide you with some of the year’s best bites!

Fishing Lake of the Woods - Sep - Nov
Sep - Nov

As the lake water begins to cool, all fish species begin to group together and feed in preparation for the winter months to come.  As the fall wears on, these schools of fish get bigger and bigger, allowing for all-day jigging for walleye, perch, sauger, and crappie in a single spot.  At this time of year, your jig will rarely hit bottom before a fish bites it.  Predators like pike and muskie stalk these concentrations of fish, as well as schools of spawning tulibee and whitefish, setting up a strong trolling bite.  These fishing patterns will continue into November until the ice keeps us from getting on the water.  If you are the type of outdoorsman who would rather fish than hunt, fall is one of the best times to fish Lake of the Woods!

Fishing Lake of the Woods - December-March

Lake of the Woods has the longest ice fishing season in the state of Minnesota.  Our 4-man sleeper houses typically get put out from mid-December through the end of March.  Come enjoy the warm comfort of fishing in the sleeper houses and the adventure of staying right on the lake!  Walleye, sauger, and perch are our main ice fishing target species, and typically the action is excellent.  Based out of the Northwest Angle of Lake of the Woods, we pick you up, drive you to the fishing location, and check up on you while you fish!   Want even more adventure?  Bring your snowmobile and go on a guided ice fishing trip into the islands with us for walleye, crappie, lake trout, and more!  If you want something out of the ordinary, try a Lake of the Woods ice fishing adventure with us!

Guide client with nice Pike.