Snowmobile Ice Fishing - Daily Guide Rates
$100 per person, per day

Bait is included.

Bring your own snowmobile, shelters, riding gear, and any ice fishing equipment you wish to use.

$175 per person, per day

Sleeper House / Ice Guiding Combo,

3 person minimum group size,

2 day minimum stay,

Tax included


If you like to snowmobile, this is the ultimate way to ice fish!  This is the closest thing to the high-energy style of fishing we do in open water.  Using snowmobiles and portable shelters, we can travel far, move quickly, and keep on the fish.  Bring your own sled and fishing gear, and we will get you set up on the fish!  Riding through the islands on Lake of the Woods by snowmobile is worth the trip by itself, and the awesome guided ice fishing is frosting on the cake!


Choose Your Adventure!

These are some of the unique hard-water opportunities you can pursue.  Often, more than one of these options can be combined into a single day’s fishing.



Slab crappies take the spotlight on this trip, but expect to get your limit of walleyes and some nice perch as well.



Most of these lakes see little to no fishing pressure.  We take advantage of winter conditions to access tough-to-reach areas. Target species vary from lake to lake.



Those big lakers stay extremely active under the ice, and Lake of the Woods is well known for its winter trout fishery. This can be either an overnight or a day trip.



Thanks to protective slot limits, the Lake of the Woods area is loaded with monster pike on both sides of the border.  Try tip-ups, sight fishing, or spearing and go after your personal best!



Fish all the best areas on the U.S. side without being tethered to a permanent house.  If the fish move, we move.  Don’t forget about those 2 bonus MN sauger!



The whitefish up here run 4 to 6 pounds and are great eating.  This is a fun side trip for bonus fish, and you might hook a monster walleye or pike while you’re at it.



Midwinter, the eelpout begin to spawn, setting up a strong night bite.  Spending an hour or two reeling in ‘pout after dinner is an Angle tradition.  Just try not to get slimed!



Stay overnight in the sleeper house and catch the walleye bite at first and last light, then head out with your guide during the day with snowmobiles and portables.  Makes the most of your fishing time!

Nice evening bite walleye!
Nice evening bite walleye!

Nice crappies!